WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15 IN THE PARK police detained “HORSE Zebra.”

Last night at the Komsomolsk Park Interior Ministry officials held a detention of horses. About 10 animals were selected by the owners and sent to the stables on the head of the Sugar. They will spend the prisoners to court. Those detained included a horse, zebra repainted.

The reason for the detention was “a violation of the rules of finding the animal within the city limits and cruelty to animals.”

Attraction “go on baby horse” in Komsomolsk park running all the time. Animals in their daily work and take care of them, often underage girls. If law enforcement were limited before the withdrawal of saddles and harness, now measures were tightened and the negligent owners of animals were seized.

“Zebra” - a horse, a young housewife repainted to attract customers, also was among the “prisoners”. “Tuning” made a hair dye. According to the horseman, the paint is usually washed off within 2-3 days. The procedure for the animal is not dangerous.

Catherine Prilepskaya

17 June 2011

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