In Kiev, talking about the return of part of Romania to Ukraine

Romania has a significant amount of Ukrainian ethnic territories, which consist of the historical regions Marmaroschiny, Danube and the southern Bukovina, - said a member of the Board of the Ukrainian People’s Party, Stepan Khmara.

26 August 2010

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From the bottom of the Azov Sea got stokilogrammovuyu aerial bomb

• MEP from Romania: Ukraine is an artificial state »»»
Ukraine is an artificial state, which must be kept under the control of the international community with the participation of Russia.
• Nationalists demanded that Yanukovych Zurabov declare persona non grata »»»
Ukrainian People’s Party calls on President Viktor Yanukovych officially inform
• Ukrainian MPs offer free use of the country's Russian language »»»
The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada propose to secure for the Ukrainian language status of the state, and Russian to provide the free operation in virtually all spheres of activity.
• Hungary and Romania has territorial claims to Ukraine »»»
Hungary and Romania has territorial claims to Ukraine, said on Friday in the Verkhovna Rada faction leader of the ruling Party of Regions MP Alexander Efremov.
• PR has changed their mind fuss Bandera, because he was already dead »»»
Party of Regions does not want to make a fuss of assigning the title of Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera.