“We are forced to!”: In Ukraine explained why not want to give Russian debt

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander Danyluk explained why his country does not intend to give the Russian debt. In Kiev, consider that it is the duty of the former president, Viktor Yanukovych.

- It was a political credit which we were forced to take. Our position is that we should not return the money, - he said.

The history of this debt originates in December 2013, when the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych agreed that Moscow will give Kiev credit for the $ 15 billion through the placement of Ukrainian securities. Of that amount, Russia managed to allocate 3 billion at the expense of the National Welfare Fund. Give back the money Kiev refused.

Ukraine, according to the plans of Europe, should be saved on external debt payments on about $ 15.3 billion, and provide up to 2020 the ratio of national debt to a level of not higher than 71% of GDP. Then they again give credit. They promised.

27 July 2016

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• The IMF took the Ukrainian debt to Russia for the obligations of the official sector »»»
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers Ukraine's debt to Russia amounting to $ 3 billion of official obligations.
• Moscow puts Kiev "on the counter" »»»
If Ukraine does not pay Russia $ 75 million, "Square" expect technical default.
• Ukraine rejected the Russian plan to restructure $ 3 billion of debt »»»
Ministry of Finance of Russia and Ukraine have agreed to restructure the debt of Kiev in the amount of $ 3 billion.
• After 3 years, will kneel in front of the Russian Federation - the ex-Minister of Economy of Ukraine »»»
According to the results of yesterday's meeting between the presidents
• Russia has refused to forgive the debts of Ukraine »»»
Russia still does not intend to restructure the debt of Ukraine at $ 3 billion, he told reporters, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.