In Kiev dekommuniziruyut “Motherland”

From the rank of full dekommunizirovannogo Ukrainian capital city is separated by only five monuments of the Soviet era. This was announced by the mayor of Kiev Adviser improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets. “Motherland” fully decided not to demolish, but instead it will be deprived of Soviet symbols. But the monument to Cheka, railing on the bridge Paton, monument Shchors and the wall on the “Teatralnaya” metro station less fortunate.


Kyiv ranks first in terms of implementation of the law on de-communization, said the mayor Advisor improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets. But the process is not yet completed.

“We have the following facilities are: a monument to Cheka, fencing on the bridge Paton - here it is necessary to provide that than to replace Soviet symbols, which take off and need financing from the budget; the wall of the subway” Theatre “, which is now closed web, there must order the dismantling project as well as a project that will be installed instead; Motherland - should there be a reaction of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture because it is an object, a town that has nothing to do; monument Shchors “, - said Belotserkovets in an interview with local media.

Monument Motherland height of 62 meters is the central figure “of the Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II.” The sculpture stands on the slopes of the Dnieper River and is visible from all points distant Kiev. In one hand the statue holds a 16-meter-long sword, in the other a shield with the arms of the Soviet Union. The article itself did not dare to dismantle, but the coat of arms of the USSR, most likely, will be removed from the board as part of the program decommunisation. However, experts warn of the extreme complexity of such works. Soviet symbols on the shield size is 6 by 4 meters, and it weighs about 8 tons.


Monument secret police - the men of the revolution has been set in the former Dzerzhinsky Square (now Square Libidska) in 1967. It is a vertical stele made of granite, over which towered two great fighters face of the revolution. The author of the monument - a famous Soviet sculptor Basil Boroday, is the creator of the Kiev monument Motherland.


Iron railing with the image of a star, the hammer and sickle on the bridge Paton over the Dnieper River in the near future will go down in history.


Monument division chief of the Red Army Civil War Nikolay Shchors yet located in the center of Kiev on the boulevard Shevchenko. Earlier it was reported that the dismantled monuments will be temporarily stored in Zhuliany airport as a permanent place of their storage has not yet been determined.


Kiev subway station “Theatre.” Currently, the end of the hall is falshstena, which holds a color image of the auditorium of the Kiev Opera, in 2014, it has closed a bronze bust of Lenin.


Earlier, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that the Ukrainian capital is at the forefront in the country decommunisation.

“Kiev is the first street to rename We removed all the plates, and I’m sure that the few monuments that remain, on Monday (23 May -. RT). Will not stand in its place”, - he said.

In May 2015 Ukraine enacted a law “On the condemnation of Communist and Nazi Regimes”, which involves, in particular, the renaming of towns and streets named in honor of Soviet statesmen.

24 May 2016

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