Rada deputy Mustafa Nye called the results of the referendum verdict Poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko was contrary to the request of the people and their own slogans in the past two years, “choosing the past,” said Mustafa Nye. The MP advised the Ukrainians have the courage to “take responsibility into their own hands.”

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MOSCOW, April 7 - RIA Novosti. The result of the referendum in the Netherlands on an association agreement between the EU and Kiev is the verdict of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. This was written on Facebook deputy presidential faction “Block Poroshenko” in the Verkhovna Rada Mustafa Nye.

“This is the sentence the country’s president, who, with all the powers within two years systematically and persistently between the past and the future choose the past, which, in spite of the cries of the people and their well declared slogans, choosing a partner,” elite “and the oligarchs, not the civil society and the new generation “- he wrote.

Voting results indicate a score for the country from the “ordinary people in Europe,” Nye said. At the same time, he called on Ukrainians “not to break into hysterics, and his teeth, gain experience, courage and methodically take responsibility into their own hands.” Also, the MP expressed confidence that the Dutch “regret today the results of the referendum.”

According to preliminary data, among the participants in the referendum held on April 6 in the Netherlands, 38.1% voted in favor of ratification of the agreement, 61.1% opposed, reports BNO News with reference to the results of the counting of votes in all municipalities. The turnout was 32.2%.

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The agreement on association between Ukraine and the European Union has been ratified by all the EU countries, including the Netherlands. However, under the new law, citizens can express their attitude to any legislative documents collected not less than three hundred thousand signatures under the appeal accordingly. Considering the Dutch position, the Parliament of the Kingdom will be obliged to re-examine the text of the agreement and hold a second vote.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte did not rule out the possibility of reviewing a decision on ratification of the agreement.

Results of voting has already commented on the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. The ministry said that “taken note” of these data, and reminded that the referendum was wearing a consultative nature.

“The final decision on ratification of the agreement after the internal discussions and procedures accept the Dutch government hope that this decision will serve the interests of Ukraine, the Netherlands and Europe.” - Said in comments to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

7 April 2016

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