Justice: “Gazprom” Ukraine will not pay more for transit

Ukraine refuses to fulfill its obligations to the Russian gas, but also wants to make “Gazprom” to pay one and a half times more for gas transportation.

According to Director General of the National Energy Institute Sergei Pravosudova until Russia will not be able to build the route, bypassing Ukraine, Kiev will remain at the leverage in negotiations with “Gazprom”.

“It is clear that” Gazprom “will not agree to the demands of increasing transit and continue to pay under a contract that is valid until the end of 2019. With this demand Ukraine once again go to arbitration. So all these claims are put forward to balance the mutual claims” , - the expert said in an interview with “SP”.

Pravosudov believes that it is difficult to answer for arbitration, and especially for Stockholm, besides the political situation between Europe and Russia is now tense, so to predict the outcome of these proceedings is now no one can.

20 January 2016

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