Discrimination “no”

It is known that Ukrainian passports planned to replace the use of the Russian language as the backup Ukrainian, the language of international communication - English.

Petition to President Petro Poroshenko became permanent heroes of the Ukrainian News. In one of them sounded the requirement of “clear language of the occupier” of the official documents Ukrainian citizen.

The petition received the required 25 thousand votes and was considered by the president. He said that really is to remove the Russian language, and add the English - because the desire of the EU has not been canceled, and the Europeans the Ukrainian language, as well as Russian - incomprehensible.

Not only to understand the “patriotic” signatories, that “the language of the occupier” - home to half the population of Ukraine and the language of communication for 80% of the population of our country.

And the president did not understand. He had severed political ties with Russia, without breaking the personal economic - factory in Lipetsk still working.

In general, for the sake of political power is ready to break the time and get rid of everything that is an eyesore. Anything that connects rather than divides.

From all that can be interpreted not as faithful to the abstract, “West”, and the proximity to neefemernoy Russia.

19 November 2015

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