Free “Hammer” of the US customs clearance of millions of hryvnia

How much Hummer for the Army? Older Hummers a million hryvnia. It is at this price customs cleared hundreds of military Humvee off-road vehicles.

This writes the online edition of “Nashі groshі” referring to a source in the fiscal services. Cars - b / y, every 20-30 years. Journalists argue some appeared canvas, not doors, tires - too poor.

Now the machine - one of the military units of Lviv region. Who pays for customs clearance, and paying any - is unclear. But one of the American corporations - has wanted to modernize them.

According to estimates of relevant publications, then they all will be golden. Total in Ukraine should put 230 Hummers. The first batch of ten Humvee arrived in March. And they clearly looked different. But experts note: As a rule, gifts enter Ukraine as a truly gifts, without prices.

“We drive as humanitarian aid, ambulance - that there are, they enter with a declaratory price of 0 hryvnia. On them is written 0, not for sale. In Ukraine, came to stuff for the price of 50 thousand dollars for one car”, - says Yuri Nikolov, editor of “Nashі Groshі.”

We sent a request to the fiscal services to comment on this information and explain where it came from such value for used cars. And most importantly - who pay for it all? Or maybe someone in the Army decided to earn extra money? So far received no reply.

30 October 2015

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