Why Ukraine hides the bodies of their soldiers to the morgue? - Pathologist from Zaporozhye

08/15/2015 - 11:54
In Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and other cities occupied Kiev self-styled “governmentareas of New Russia observed a strange and terrible trend. Periodically, on average once every couple of months, in fact, from “nowhere” there are dozens of unidentified bodies orphan. Moreover, there are corpses in civilian institutions pathological, although by all accounts should have referred to the military. On the origin of military eloquent nature of the injuries - mostly mine-explosive, shrapnel and gunshot wounds.

However, according to mortuary personnel or the military prosecutor’s office nor the Interior Ministry nor the SBU about these corpses do not want to even hear. Once management starts to ring morgue security forces, they “frostbitten” and takes the arrows at each other.

Certificate mortem Bureau deputy chief of Zaporozhye:

“I came out two weeks ago from a vacation and know that in my office, in the refrigerator, 13 dead bodies were brought to the Donbas guys who supposedly is not identified in the near future should be buried (they died more than a year ago). I immediately suspected something something’s not right, why to us (in the hospital morgue) and not sud.med. examination where a priori have is a body with a violent death … Although after the events in Ilovaiskaya when the RFP “inundated” with corpses and sudebka not cope physically and our service is also attracted to the process of identification, storage, etc. There was understandable. But now, when sudebke there was no corpse of ATO …!

I begin to find out. Call to sudebku Bureau of Forensic Medicine) - there the boss says that the body of them are not registered, call, saying that the SBU. A call to the SBU investigation department - answer: the bodies we know, we can not help, they do not have to manufacture. Like These (cases) were opened in Shahtersk, and he was under separable, so that can not help. Today was the military prosecutor of the garrison - the same result, refers to SBU. ALL !!! Vicious circle “.

The strange journey of corpses, to be sure. Everything is fine remember the terrible battles of Miner, when both sides had a lot of casualties. Then, in agreement with the bodies of dead enemy soldiers sent by Ukrainian railway in such refrigerators. But how could it happen that they were already in Zaporizhia in a year ???

The same deputy. Head pathoanatomical bureau writes:

“And last Saturday all central TV channels trumpeted that in Zaporozhye were buried with military honors 57 bodies of unidentified men ATO. I ah … how surprised, because from being in my department are not buried any!”

There do not understand. How could it happen that 57 people could not identify? There are families, there are commanders who have the expertise to DNA finally. There would be the will of the authorities.

In it lies the clue. Let us recall compensation to the families of the victims. Something about 600 thousand hryvnia is owed the family

15 August 2015

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