Kolomoysky shook oligarchs in Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of its recognition of bribery

At the meeting of the Special Parliamentary Control Commission on Privatization visited the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, banker and industrialist Igor Kolomoisky. He was literally taken aback at the door told deputies that he wants to talk about how privatization took place the most delicious pieces of the economy under President Kuchma, what and for what he Kolomoysky, paid bribes in-law of President Viktor Pinchuk and the president himself how others got their assets oligarchs and how much they cost them a reality.
Kolomoiskiy named dozens of corrupt privatized largest energy concern, mining and processing enterprises, but above all was revealed scandalous sale “Ukrrudprom” - one of the most mysterious in the history of privatization in Ukraine. The cost of the group evaluated by independent experts in the early 2000s to 40-50 billion dollars, and it was sold for 500 million.
In this story, sums up the “Ukrainian Truth”, involved all major oligarchs who through specially prescribed conditions of privatization tenders were able to acquire important raw material assets. They became the basis for the formation of, for example, the country’s largest metallurgical holding “Metinvest”, which is controlled by Akhmetov and Novinsky.
In fact, testimony before a parliamentary committee Kolomoiskiy disavowed the results of privatization of almost all of the core industry of Ukraine.
Kolomoysky asked the Parliament to cancel the results of the corrupt privatization and return the possession of the state unfairly privatized assets for many tens of billions of dollars. Including the assets of Kolomoiskiy. Recognition and offers Dnipropetrovsk governor caused shock and stun even the most liberal members of parliament.
Here is a quote from the transcript of the meeting:
Sergei Leshchenko - MP from the “Block Poroshenko”
Igor Kolomoisky - governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region
“Leshchenko: I have no doubt that we are like-minded on the issue of restoration of justice when re-privatization, but tell me - you, too, were the beneficiary. Question about 5 million per month, you pay Pinchuk in 2004 - do you think that it was a bribe or not? If the bribe is voluntary surrender on your part?
Kolomoysky: We know that the one who gave a bribe and a first-come, said this - he is nothing for it will not. (Laughter)
Leshchenko: So you admit that the management “Ukrnafta” gave $ 5 million per month
Kolomoysky: Yes.
Leshchenko: Who is on what account?
Kolomoysky: All provided in an English court, can provide all here. These accounts are identified as accounts Pinchuk Kuchma.
Leshchenko: Offshore?
Kolomoysky: Yes. But it is not “Ukrrudprom” and “Ukrnafta”. But it’s not just the money. We paid the money, and in addition to pay dividends to the state and taxes. But for the right to receive dividends, we were forced out of their dividend pay even 5 million Pinchuk. ”
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14 March 2015

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“Today, the APU running out of ammunition to all, without exception, artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems. Fighting nothing” - Igor Korotchenko

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