“Werewolf” at a high rate (in Ukraine, Hitler’s bunker trying to turn into a tourist site)

In Ukraine, the brewing scandal involving an attempt to make a bet Hitler in the tourist site. This initiative was made by the authorities of Vinnytsia region, where the secret bunker. In response, Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko demanded from the central government to local officials on hand.

Classified by the end of 1980 Hitler’s headquarters “Werewolf”, 8 km from Vinnitsa, near the village of Kolo Mikhajlovka, has always aroused interest. But inside the seven-story underground bunker, located on a natural granite soles are considered, nobody visited after the war. Scientists have access only under the veil of the Soviet Union: the 1990 expedition, which included representatives of a hundred major Soviet universities, developed a special “Hermes” for studying the rates.

But at that time were allowed only ground of which were conducted by technical means. The result confirmed the information on a multilevel device, 2-3-meter-thick walls and floors, as well as incredibly complex at the time of construction of underground communications bunker.

According to archive data, the rate was constructed to guide the war on the Eastern Front. Work was carried out from autumn 1941 to spring 1942. According to various sources, they participated from 4,5 to 14 thousand people. All of them, not only the local population and specially imported for the construction of concentration camp prisoners, but even caused by German specialists, were shot on completion. It is believed that the Nazis killed so everyone was aware of the device object.

11 April 2011

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