Yanukovych got down to business Yushchenko, “hospital of the future.” Violations in the use of charitable funds (about 24 million dollars) collected in the five years of the project, not detected. Hospitals, too.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych made a decision on the participation of the State in completing the project “Children’s Hospital of the Future.” According to a source publication “The Mirror of the week. Ukraina” in the appropriate committee of the Verkhovna Rada has completed a financial audit of the project, which is known to be the patron of fund “Ukraine-3000″, headed by Catherine said.
Violations in the use of charitable funds (about 119 million hryvnia), collected over the five years since the project was not detected. At the same time from people who informed on the outcome of the audit, it became known that some charitable funds intended for building a hospital, the fund spent to purchase equipment for hospitals in the region.
Already in 2011, planned to be allocated for the project about 200 million hryvnia. In total, the completion of the necessary 500 million hryvnia. It is also about the possible involvement of additional funds benefactors (including overseas).
According to the source, the likelihood is high that the curator of the project by the state becomes the head of the parliamentary committee on health Bakhteyeva. Already in February the construction site is going to visit the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.
Recall that the state is the customer of this project, and in 2006 committed itself to allocate land for building hospitals, as well as the financing of construction works. But money has not been allocated. While the design, equipment purchase and training of experts scheduled to make at the expense of charitable funds.
As has been repeatedly reported in 2006 by philanthropists was 260 million hryvnia is declared that they were willing to invest in this project. Most of these funds (119 million hryvnia) are well-known businessmen like Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Pinchuk, Konstantin Zhevago, Sergei Taruta, Vladimir Kosterin, Vadim Novinsky Eduard Shifrin, Boris Kolesnikov, and others have been transferred to the account separately hospital

19 January 2011

Unit “Cobra” was trying to impose a fine governor of Odessa for traffic violations. I could not.
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The loan will be allocated for the construction of a second line of the runway.
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Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) adopted on Thursday a law “On State Budget of Ukraine for 2011″.
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Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, BYuT representative Mykola Tomenko said.
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The Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday should take the key to the economy of Ukraine decision on the allocation of the second tranche of aid in the amount of $ 1.
• The joint project "first aid" Renault-LAZ Euro 2012: french experience and Ukrainian power proizvodsvennye »»»
Presentation of the project, which was held June 20, 2011 in Kiev.