CNN: Ukraine Donbass easier to give than restore it

Ukraine should abandon its efforts to return the Donbass. Despite the fact that such a decision would create a bad precedent, it is quite appropriate, since the restoration of the region would take too much money. This opinion was expressed in an interview with CNN, former press secretary of the special OSCE observation mission in Ukraine Michael Botsyurkiv.


You said that the Donbass of eastern Ukraine need to “let go”. What do you mean, and why do you think that the way to solve this problem? Would not such a move is very bad precedent, especially after what happened to the Crimea?

MICHAEL BOTSYURKIV, a former spokesman for the special OSCE observation mission in Ukraine: Yes, of course, it will be a very bad precedent. But I’ll tell you. I very much respect for diplomats from Switzerland, Germany and the OSCE, which really spend so much effort to formulate the Minsk agreement and try to keep the truce. But it is violated in this region becomes more and more heavy weapons. There again appeared multiple launch rocket systems. The worsening fighting has claimed the lives of almost 10 thousand people. Another 22 thousand wounded.

In addition, [the mission] OSCE is threatened almost daily. And so we must ask: what next? Account for the restoration of the Donbass, if he would go again Ukraine will be billions of dollars. In addition, there are now a lot of mines and unexploded ordnance. Roads, bridges, houses and bombed airports. Establishing control over this area will be very expensive.

Another point. Do not underestimate the problem of mines and unexploded ordnance. I was watching the situation in northern Afghanistan and in Lebanon. These areas are very difficult to clean and re-make them suitable for life and agriculture. And that is why I asked the question: is not it time to start working on an alternative and acceptable solution?

Material provided by CNN International.
Translation made RT.

Released on the air August 25, 2016.

25 August 2016

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