“” Right sector “- is a modern SS”

Confessions of an American mercenary service in the Ukrainian radicals.

“Dregs of society” - that characterizes the American volunteer Ukrainian nationalists who are fighting in the Donbass. Minsk agreements require the disarmament of all illegal groups. The banned extremist organization in Russia “Right sector” in the power structures of Ukraine is not included, but the fighting continues to lead. The American said, “Lente.ru” on how to try to fight as part of groups, loss, alcoholism and suicide nationalists on the contact line.
For the idea

With former US military personnel who adhere to extreme right-wing views, John (name changed), I met two years ago on the social networks. Even then, the Yankees fought against militias in Ukraine. First, John served in one of the units, which could be called a private army, where he received quite a ridiculous salary by Western standards - 10 thousand hryvnia (about $ 400) a month, plus 1,000 hryvnia ($ 40) for each day on the front lines. Then he fought in the units of the banned in Russia “Right sector” (PS), where he did not pay even a penny. However, as John himself said to me, it has been the main “idea, rather than money” for him.

According to the former military, today in Ukraine there is the same as that during the Second World War: “Azov” (volunteer regiment as part of the National Guard under the Ukraine) and “Right Sector” - “a modern version of the SS (punitive military forces fascists - a comment.” Lenta.ru “) and DNR - Soviets (Soviet army - a comment.” Lenta.ru “).” Of the two sides in this conflict, “soldiers of fortune” unconditionally supported first. I have repeatedly suggested to the American interview him, but he refused, explaining he does not trust “the sale of the Russian press.” However, a few days ago, John himself contacted me and asked me to anonymously published his story.

Not your war

“I came to Kiev on 6 June this year where I met the guys from.” The first day we just had fun right sector “, but after a day went by train in Krasnoarmeysk (2016 - Pokrovsk in the Donetsk region, part controlled by Kiev). which settled on the basis of the SS at first everything was just fine:. journalists were taken from our interview, we walked around the city, shopped, drank But soon I witnessed a very unpleasant scene so the soldiers “Right sector” beat just for the fun of civilians.. fuck with youngsters, and sometimes even raped them. these, so to speak, the military did not behave like an army, and as the inveterate cutthroats. Besides, these guys too much booze, and I began to really fear for your ass. sometimes, drunk, they staged indiscriminate firing directly at the base of one of them drunk dropped the grenade, and it was blown to pieces, however, from June 13, it became no longer to pyanok -.. separable (official Kiev and its Western partners are called separatists militias people’s republics of Donbass - ca. . “Lenta.ru”) went on the offensive. This attack caught us by surprise 4 of our guys were killed and 11 wounded, “- says John.

“Soon after this defeat me and other foreigners raised peruse night Igor officer (I did not know his last name). Igor, we announced that the base going to attack the soldiers of the Security Service, and we have to leave, because it is” not your war. “We went to the station and boarded the train to Kiev. it was at this time in Kiev buried our comrades who were killed in the battles around Krasnoarmeisk, and, of course, we went with them to say goodbye. at the funeral, I was approached by one of my friends on Kramatorskaya SS fighters and said that he needed to talk with him we went to the bar “National Socialists” (places with the same name in Kiev there is, apparently, some of the bars so-called informal - “comment.” Lenta.ru “)., and my co-worker gave me a drink. While drinking, he stated that “to escape from the base in a difficult time, I enrolled as a traitor and a deserter.” On my objections, I only performed Igor order pravosek said that it is necessary to obey “is not some obscure Igor, a division commander.” However, after my companion suddenly he changed his temper justice with mercy: “Okay, forget about it Let’s drink!”. The evening took place peacefully, and I had already decided that all okay, the conflict is settled. Alas, this guy at night by taking on two more reinforcements pravosekov, stumbled toward me in a hotel room. They reported that the commander phoned and he allegedly said that I have to pay a “penalty for treason” in the amount of 2000 hryvnia ($ 80) or they will kill me. But I just did not have that kind of money then, and they took my all, except underwear. Finally he said that, “if I want to stay alive, he must immediately get out of Ukraine”. In the morning I went to the American Embassy, ​​in which he explained his situation. Diplomats bought me a ticket to the United States “, - continues the story said.
“Scum of the world”

According to John, the conflict occurred not only because of its departure from the base. The fact that, in spite of his extreme right-wing views, this American - blood half-Arab, half the Turks (although the word does not understand Arabic or Turkish). According to him, many pravoseki hate “chocks” (does not speak either in Russian or in Ukrainian American even learned the word). “About six months ago I tried to get in the first assault company of” Right Sector “, but fortunately missed the plane. Then, looking teeming with racist themed Facebook page this connection, I told them that even though an American, but not white. answer me this: “Rejoice, black **** minutes that did not get to us, we would have buried you in the ground!” When I arrived on the SS base in June this year, there were soldiers first assault company they. and took with me a “fine” - that is robbed! ” - Outraged American.
After all that has happened to return to Ukraine John is going. This war, and its members were not such with what it currently represents them. He said that almost all the foreign volunteers in Ukraine, fighting on the side of Kiev, adhere to extreme right-wing views, but “still among us, there is no classical fascists, and we do not believe that people should be killed just because of their skin or eye shape color “. “Unfortunately, among the men” Right sector “a lot of overt neo-Nazis, whose views are odious, even for a person like me, but it’s not so bad - among pravosekov also too much overt criminals will not be afraid of sharp words:.. These people - the scum of the planet ! ” - John completes his emotional confession.
Recall that the “Ukrainian Volunteer Corps” Right sector “” was formed in July 2014 at the initiative of the same name by nationalist organizations to participate in collaboration with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in combat operations against the militias in the Donbass self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). However, it is believed that in April 2015, on the orders of the command ATO (anti-terrorist operation, as it is called in the Kiev military action against the Republic of Donbass) radicals were withdrawn from the front line. Second February 2016 the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios said the AQL “Right Sector” on all legal grounds is the “illegal armed groups”. But in reality, as pointed out by John, is quite different: AQL is still involved in the fighting and suffering losses. The Ukrainian media widely covered the funeral of soldiers “Right sector” in Kiev. Moreover, according to the American battalions PS - one of the most combat-ready divisions among the groups involved in the civil war in the south-east of Ukraine.

22 July 2016

In Kiev, admitted involvement in the murder of Russian journalist Sheremeta
Savchenko announced its readiness to organize a revolution in the Ukraine

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