The fate of Russian journalists in Syria: Open letter to Lavrov

Dear Sergey Viktorovich!

Please assist in the restoration of the accreditation as a correspondent in Syria, some Russian media (,,, LayfNyuz and freelancer number of other Russian media).

I constantly lived in Syria since 22.10.2011 (before 20 years in Moscow). During his tenure, he has made more than 800 different materials about the events in Syria (my materials no complaints and can not be). Several photo exhibitions. My videos were shown at 8 Russian channels (channel 1 and Kazakhstan). For a long time I was the only representatives of Russian press, reside in Syria. 46 withdrew the consequences of terrorist attacks and shelling. As a translator and organizer of the shooting on behalf of the Syrian Ministry of Information has worked with 12 groups of Russian journalists, some of whom later received for his work the Russian government awards. I assist and help tips and advice to all our colleagues, to seek help. 10.10.2012 On 03.11.2013 was kidnapped by militants in Syria, he was able to escape on their own and returned to his journalistic work in Syria. She married a Syrian, all my property is located in Damascus.

01.10.2014 Despite a one-year accreditation in Syria, was unexpectedly arrested in the building of the Ministry of Information of Syria, which has cooperated fruitfully about a year before his abduction. This stems from the number of false reports written by my detractors. No trial has been conducted, the charges have not been filed, the lawyer and the ability to justify not provided. After imprisonment without calling home was deported to Lebanon, despite the fact that Syria remained husband and absolutely all my belongings. Housing in other countries, I do not know. At the moment, with the October 2015 living in Lebanon in non-residential premises have sheltered me, citizens of Syria.

According to the Law on Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the status of the Russian journalist is due to cooperation with the Russian media, and can spread to people without citizenship or citizens of other countries. The law does not impose a journalist duty was a citizen of the Russian Federation. However, despite my numerous requests (well before his arrest, including your name in 2013) in the Foreign Ministry I constantly refer to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the citizenship of which I have at the moment, but members of the media who are not on whose territory because of my pro-Russian position there is a real threat to my life.

18 January 2016

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