US urges Russia to feed Ukraine on

The United States[/[t:tag slug=shtaty]States for the first time openly spoke out against a key energy projects in Russia - “Nord Stream - 2″. State Department almost verbatim repeated the same words that recently said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, fearing the loss of huge amount of money received for gas transit. This is a clear sign of Washington’s political interest.

“You have to wonder why you are helping Ukraine with one hand while the other strangling her,” - said on Thursday, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy Robin Dunnigan, speaking at a conference in Bratislava.
She appealed to the representatives of the countries of Europe, primarily in Germany and France, Austria, the Netherlands and England. Dissatisfaction with Washington calls “Nord Stream - 2″, which European companies are ready to build with Gazprom. Gazprom will the project together with the German E.ON and BASF / Wintershall, the Anglo-Dutch Shell, Austrian OMV and the French ENGIE. We all have a stake in the joint project company New European Pipeline AG, where control (51%) belongs to the Russian company.

US worried that after the commissioning of the “Nord Stream - 2″ Russia will be able to stop the export of gas through Ukraine. “The complete cessation of gas transit through Ukraine will deprive its annual revenue of $ 2.2 billion,” - preoccupied Robin Dunnigan. “In essence,” Nord Stream - 2 “is a threat not only to the vitality of Ukraine and its resources but also creates a risk to diversify fuel sources for Europe, especially South-Eastern Europe”, - she added.

With the same position was made by Ukraine after a meeting with the prime ministers of the Baltic States in Riga. “If Russia and some Western companies to build a” Nord Stream - 2 “, it will deprive Ukraine $ 2 billion profit, Slovakia - 0.8 billion dollars, Poland - 0.4 billion dollars. This would deprive the EU of real energy independence,” - said then Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

7 November 2015

Yatsenyuk: “Nord Stream-2″ will deprive Ukraine $ 2 billion in profits [old song about the main thing]
In Ukraine, renamed Chapayeva

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