Any checkpoint easily earns a million a day

Any checkpoint on the line of the collision easily earns a million a day. This was the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the deputy chief of police of the Kherson region Ilya Kiva.

“Test of money it takes almost no one. I say” almost “no. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver … And we are talking about such mundane things. That’s why people fall down on the money very quickly and now these problems exist, and that any black history hostilities. Definitely will be these rascals, and will be a question of money. Unfortunately, the money paid is there now, in the East, on the eastern front, they are going through the roof, any perception of normal decency. Over 100 thousand. I will not take, and for million is somehow difficult to give up. And if a million a day? And any roadblock light earns a million a day, it’s easy. And when those officers see how it all rots from the head … “- said Kiva.

20 October 2015

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