Ally Yarosh Tarasenko: “the right sector” does not need elections, and the revolution

Ukrainian nationalists should not take individual positions in the state, and all, said one of the leaders of the “Right Sector” Andrei Tarasenko. Therefore, he said, the organization returns to the revolutionary struggle.

Extremist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists “Right Sector”, banned in Russia, returns to the “orthodox revolutionary positions.” This was deputy head of the organization’s political activities Andrei Tarasenko wrote on his page to Facebook.

According to him, the rate of the “Right Sector” on “an evolutionary improvement in the country” is not justified. In connection with this organization refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the current system does not want to be her element, and does not intend to participate in local elections, said Tarasenko.

“We are nationalists, and we do not need separate positions and everything,” - he wrote.

Earlier, the leader of the “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh said the organization is not going to participate in the local elections in Ukraine, and will initiate a referendum on distrust of the authorities.

According to sociologists, in the case of the participation of the “Right Sector” in the local elections radicals failed to overcome the five percent barrier entrance - would vote for the movement of at least 3% of Ukrainians.

24 July 2015

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