New oligarchy? Why Ukraine is still a prisoner of the financial elite (”The Guardian”, United Kingdom)

In Ukraine, the question of how the country goes “deoligarhizatsiya”, supporters of the current government, Western diplomats and opposition tend to respond in exactly the same - loud hearty laugh.

In contrast to Russia, where the term “oligarch” has lost its exact meaning after Vladimir Putin over a decade ago deprived of this class of real political influence, Ukraine is an oligarchy in the truest sense of the word. This small group of super-rich people are enjoying immense power and influence.

Revolution on Independence in February last year was largely triggered by blatant corruption Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage. Many of the protesters wanted to live in a different type of society in which power belonged not oligarchic class, whose influence after Ukraine gained independence, has grown substantially.

Petro Poroshenko, who was elected president a year ago, promised to pursue a policy of a new type. Although Poroshenko himself is a billionaire who created a thriving chocolate empire, he promised that the government would be open and transparent. As a result of the parliamentary elections came to power a new generation of politicians - young idealists, promised that Ukraine will never depend on the interests of a handful of rich people.

In his article published in The Guardian April Poroshenko announced its intention to fight the oligarchs and “prevent the undue influence of private interests in the state.” With this purpose, he said, he dismissed Igor Kolomoisky - powerful oligarchs, who led the Dnipropetrovsk region in the central part of Ukraine.

However, Poroshenko himself belongs to a class of oligarchs and, according to critics, failed to implement the policy of the new type.

“Here there is a conflict between the plans of these reforms and used to achieve these goals, the old methods of administrative pressure,” - says a source close to one of the leading businessmen of the country, who requested anonymity because of the delicacy of the situation.

22 July 2015

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