The governor called on residents of Donetsekoy to chip in for road repairs

In the small towns of Donetsk region can not afford to repair roads, so local authorities could apply for financial assistance to local residents.

According to UNIAN, about it today at a press conference said the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Anatoliy Bliznyuk.

According to him, by law, the state can not now allocate funds to repair local roads.

“In order to have the road level of the current Donetsk, we need a minimum of three to five times to raise taxes or the price of fuel from the gun. We need sources and sources - our with your taxes, we paid. In Uglegorsk shameful and disgusting to go , but it’s local roads. How did it springs to keep the road? “A government sources can not take place” - said the governor.

Therefore, A. Blyzniuk invited local authorities to ask for financial assistance from area residents for road repairs. “The local community of any city and district deputies, the Action Team is to people and say: good people, the law allows us to work together, but who can raise money to bring this road into such a state” - he said .

16 May 2011

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