Kiev school was forced to come to school early in order to sing anthem Ukrina

In Kiev schools have introduced strict regulations: Students must come 15-20 minutes before classes begin to sing the national anthem, prohibit communicate in Russian and impose a strict dress code.

3 November 2010

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• In Ukraine, the students suggested that the New Year discounts on beer and cigarettes »»»
In Simferopol, the owner opened the store came up with
• Pupils and students from Ukraine will be able to choose the language in which you will receive an education. »»»
On Tuesday told local Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Tabachnik.
• In Odessa, all schools have bilingual »»»
In Odessa, in all schools are now teaching in two languages: Russian and Ukrainian, according to “Ukrainian Truth”.
• Artist Olga from Dnepropetrovsk Rekun wrote a new text of the anthem of Ukraine »»»
“The idea to write a new text of the national anthem of Ukraine there was a very long time.
• From Kiev students asked to repent for the calendar for Yanukovych »»»
Students who were preparing a calendar with sharp questions to President Viktor Yanukovych, was summoned for trial to the leadership of the Kiev Institute of Journalism.