Kosachev: West discouraged Kiev adventures and is not ready to unconditionally support it, “and will come a time when the West have the wisdom and courage to call a spade a spade”

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev believes that information about the place on August 12 phone conversations of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with US Vice President Joe Biden and the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Pavel Klimkin with the head of diplomacy of the EU Federica Mogherini evidence of the beginnings of the refusal by the unconditional support of Kiev and a shift away from the ostentatious anti-Russian solidarity.

“Yesterday’s telephone calls Biden to Poroshenko and Mogerini with Klimkin in Crimea - albeit not very clearly, but still signs that the West is the latest adventures of Kiev discouraged and is not ready to support the Ukrainian authorities so unconditionally, as it used to Ritual.” All sides should contribute to a de-escalation of tension “seems a step forward compared with the previous” we are on your side, to blame Russia “These talks for the first time in a long time do not look like a reckless and ostentatious demonstration of the anti-Russian solidarity.” - wrote in the social network senator on his page Facebook.

The senator said he hoped that “will come, and the time when the West have the wisdom and courage to call a spade a spade, and this number will be and exhaustive evaluation of the practice of state terrorism.”

Earlier it was reported that during a telephone conversation with Biden, Poroshenko said that Ukraine will seek to avoid increasing tension in relations with Russia. In turn Mogherini in a telephone conversation with Klimkin stressed that “all parties to avoid any action that could lead to further escalation of the conflict.”

Earlier, on August 10, the FSB reported about the detention of a group of saboteurs in the Crimea, as well as on the prevention of terrorist attacks in the peninsula, who were preparing the Head Office of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine intelligence. According to intelligence agencies, targets of terrorist attacks have been identified critical infrastructure and livelihood of the peninsula. Two Russian soldiers were killed during the detention of terrorists. Criminal cases.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the silly and criminal attempt to sabotage Ukraine’s security services in the Crimea, and its purpose - to divert attention from domestic problems.

13 August 2016

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