Ukrainian army put into another shape (Norwegians accused of Ukrainian soldiers in the Army copy form)

The Norwegian manufacturer of military equipment filed against the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Norwegians accused of copying the Ukrainian military army uniform, said in an interview with “Focus” adviser to Defense Minister Yury Biryukov.

In 2012, the company offered Nfm then Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev build a factory in Ukraine for the production of military uniforms and brought a sample. However, after learning that the Army duffel ensure the country can spend only 35 million hryvnia ($ 1.4 million at current exchange rates), the Norwegians left, and piece of modern uniforms remained in Kiev.

- Form submitted to the department of clothing supplies, ordering patterns do on it. However, about one-third of the functional remains a mystery. For example, on the back of a winter jacket has Velcro - the Norwegians it is clearly something was attached, but we do not know that. A zipper there is some hook. That’s how our army and runs: a little unnecessary Velcro on the back and mysterious hooks - said Biryukov.

A new form of the army called “pixel” - because of the camouflage pattern - quickly and hated. As it turned out, even if sewn on import patterns, but from domestic material breathable uniforms bad, but willingly lights

24 November 2015

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