Why Russia saves Syria, rather than Ukraine

Wonders why Russia is turned into a military confrontation in Syria, and Ukraine. Like, what the Syrians us closer to the Ukrainians? Not only that, but, in general, sadly, it turns out that yes - some became brothers in spirit, ready to fight for their right to remain human, others - sold for beads and was called “Nebrat.”

Compare Syria with Ukraine is very significant, because it gives answers to the main questions in Ukraine - how and why Russia did so, and not otherwise. That and other countries have become a victim of Western propaganda and aggression, attempts to bring to power the thugs and terrorists. But the scenario is completely different.

1. President Assad did not go on about the “peaceful opposition” and ultimatums West.
2. When the West let loose on him scumbag terrorists, passing them off as rebels, Assad found support in the Syrian elite, and despite a series of betrayals, managed to keep control of the country through a management layer and army personnel.
3. United States on the ruins of Iraq created a new band of the IG and cause a new, even more hard blow to Syria. After a series of losses,
4. During the 4 years in heavy fighting, despite the enormous sacrifices and multimillion migration, Syria continues to resistance with gangs of thugs, demonstrating the will and sober understanding of the situation. The people of Syria together with the nucleus of the elite and the government becomes a monolith.

1. President Yanukovych, being indirectly supported by Moscow, at a crucial time - February 21 - a coward. I do not take the responsibility for the necessary violence and still believes this achievement.
2. Elite in turn betrayed and Yanukovych, and that part of the country that does not share the views of the pro-Western and pro-Moscow. Elite West surrendered with giblets. Zero resistance.
3. The population of Ukraine, sadly, for the most part accepted - either scared or remained on the sidelines - in the illicit seizure of power by thugs, in Kiev, and in the field. Active resistance had only Crimea, Donbass, but hundreds of people in Odessa, Zaporozhye and Kharkov.
4. For more than fifteen years, the population of Ukraine, despite all the bullying thugs, tolerate them and, moreover, allows them to incite them to residents of Donbass and Russia. No amount of propaganda can not justify the fact that many of the people of Ukraine made inside betrayal. Ready to kiss the boots US soldier to the Russian trampled. Shame …………

24 September 2015

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