The US State Department urged Americans to flee the Crimea and the Donbass

The US State Department has attended finding its citizens in the Crimea, where the legitimacy of the return of the Russian Federation, Washington has not acknowledged.

However, well imagining the situation in the southern region, the State Department begins to escalate - online agencies appeared an appeal to the citizens of the United States located in the Crimean Republic, to urgently leave it.

Washington is not clear what it warns Americans who are in Russia, and continues to call the Crimea “occupied territory,” writes Forbes.

In addition, the State Department urges its citizens to leave with Donbass, as it believes that there threaten Americans’ pro-Russian separatists “(the so-called militias in the west - approx. Of PRAVDA.Ru). As usual, the explanation for what they “threaten” and who specifically, the United States is not received.

Politonline.Ru material brought British journalist Thomas de Waal, comparing Western attempts to “lock” the Crimea with the fascist blockade and its position during the Crimean War. While complete without bloodshed, only the United States try to restrict Crimeans familiar areas of life - the American IT-technology, banking, etc.

At the same time many organizations, the American-born, as well as European, began, as reported to Pravda.Ru finally realize that the peninsula is part of Russia.

US Google also stopped denoted as the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, now on the Russian-language maps of the peninsula is designated as a Russian region.

A year ago, the French government agency, namely the Ministry of Justice to issue a passport to the man, where is the place of birth was listed Russian city of Sevastopol.

If to speak about sports associations, the earlier Crimea as a Russian territory took the European Chess Union.

17 July 2015

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