Trump: US attempts to force return Crimea to Ukraine could lead to the Third World

Earlier, in an interview with ABC television billionaire suggested that the Crimean people made a choice in favor of Russia, and the United States should take this into account

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump does not rule out that the hypothetical US attempts to force through force to return the Crimea in the Ukraine could lead to World War III. On this, as reported by Politico newspaper, Trump said on Monday at a meeting with his supporters in Columbus (Ohio).

Billionaire in a speech decided to respond to media speculation that after his interview with ABC television doubted that he knew about the Crimea joining Russia, according to Politico. “I know for sure - said Trump in Ohio -. (That was) about two years ago, right?”

Trump said that during an interview with ABC presenter in response to his words that the Russian Federation “is not going to Ukraine”, said: “It is already in the Ukraine.” “I said,” Yeah, well, it was two years ago, “I mean, you want to return (to this) you want to get World War III to get it back (Crimea) back (Ukraine).?” - The billionaire said.

On Sunday, in an interview with ABC Trump suggested that the Crimean people made a choice in favor of Russia, and the United States should take this into account. When asked whether he is willing to accept Crimea part of the Russian Federation, the Republican said: “I consider this opportunity.” “But you know, people of Crimea, as I have heard, would prefer to be with Russia, rather than where it was before, - he said -. And it should be borne in mind.”

“As for Ukraine, there is a mess - said Trump -. And what happens when the Obama administration in power, with its strong links with NATO, with all these strong ties with NATO Ukraine in disarray.”.

March 11, 2014 the Supreme Council of Crimea and Sevastopol city council on the background of the political crisis and change of government in Ukraine, adopted a declaration of independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. On March 16, on the peninsula with a turnout of more than 80% it held a referendum which resulted in the reunification with Russia voted 96.77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea, and 95.6% - Sevastopol. March 18 signed an agreement on the adoption of new subjects of the Russian Federation. Ukraine, the United States and the European Union refused to recognize the independence of Crimea and its reunification with Russia.

2 August 2016

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Ukraine signed a new contract for the supply of uranium to Russia in 2016 and donated the money for the return to Russia of spent nuclear fuel

• Ukrainian Fund Deposit Guarantee will not return money to residents of the Crimea with Russian citizenship »»»
UPM guaranteeing deposits of individuals in Ukraine will not pay money to residents of the Crimea, who acquired the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
• Ukraine offers Crimeans pension if they renounce Russian »»»
The Government of Ukraine has offered to residents of Crimea.
• No matter what Russia does, and the U.S. all goes according to a predetermined plan »»»
U.S. law (BILL) № 2277 "Act for the Prevention of aggression by Russia in 2014" U.
• The US State Department urged Americans to flee the Crimea and the Donbass »»»
The US State Department has attended finding its citizens in the Crimea, where the legitimacy of the return of the Russian Federation, Washington has not acknowledged.
• Washington traded: Give the Crimea, or do something with Novorussia »»»
A US official said that sanctions against Russia will be lifted "never.