“Remove kokoshnik, kneel and ask for forgiveness …” Maria Gaidar under pressure “automaidan” wrote a letter of resignation

Acting deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maria Gaidar wrote a letter of resignation from his post. She stated this at a meeting where representatives of nationalist organizations - “self-Odessa” and the local “automaidan” - demanded her resignation.

First, however, Gaidar tried to establish a dialogue with the protesters in front of the regional administration, and invited to sit down at the negotiating table, saying he is ready to listen to all their comments and criticisms. “Avtomaydanovtsev” and “samooboronschikov” proposal did not suit, and they demanded that it immediately resign and leave Ukraine.

Remove kokoshnik, kneel and ask for forgiveness … You can only cry and drink in the restaurant. At four o’clock in the afternoon, during business hours, you were in “Mimino” restaurant. I am against people like you, and I’ll go out and do everything to make you leave. You are a disgrace to Saakashvili, you disgrace to his team
Natalia Pranzhe one of the participating National Movement

Under pressure from protesters acting Deputy Mikhail Saakashvili said: “I’m going with this post, I did not hold on to it I already wrote a statement.”.

She added that he would not leave the Ukraine and plans to continue to work as an assistant Saakashvili. “I can say that I am here for honest work, and in medicine, this additional 100 million budget All payments sent Apart from arguments..” Are you from Russia - get out “, no longer hear anything I think this conversation is absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate.. Payments which have, already paid and sent to I will continue to work as an assistant Mikheil Saakashvili “, -. she added.

Gaidar also reported that her case will guide deputy Saakashvili - Salome Bobrovskaya.
Career Maria Gaidar in Ukraine

Maria Gaidar in July 2015 was appointed adviser to the governor of Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili. August 4, 2015 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree to grant her citizenship of Ukraine and personally handed over the passport.

Gaidar was later elected to the Odessa Regional Council, and in January 2016 became deputy Saakashvili.

In August 2015 Gaidar worked in the committee on health. In December 2015, it initiated the establishment of Odessa Health Protection Agency, which operates in parallel with the Health and Social Welfare Department, and took up the development and introduction of new health-care delivery programs.

10 May 2016

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