Ukrainka, who wrote “Never we will not take” writing a new verse: “Masks torn, believing no one”

Ukrainka Anastasia Dmitruk, during the Maidan wrote an appeal to the Russian “Never we will not take” writing a new verse: “Masks torn, believing no one.”

“Masks sorvany- trust no one.
Bird on the ice is broken.
Rushed to the new, light -
He broke carefree flight.

Who is in power - all bought-sold,
Our hundreds fall in a row.
Instead of storks - crows in the sky.
Soul light not illuminated.

Forever we’re free.
We are with you - the young winds.
We graze hungry jackals,
their striped tent.

We will rise all the millions -
one endless party.
We will go forward battalions,
we all take revenge for the children.

Masks thwarted. Females Lying
castles, mines, fight the battle.
But we no longer playful.
Now we’re predators “- recited Dmitruk video, recorded near the building of the Verkhovna Rada.

27 July 2015

In Ukraine revoked the licenses of all Russian banks
APU fighters went against Poroshenko and refused to storm the Donetsk (Ukrainian soldiers require the authorities to a peaceful resolution of the conflict)

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