The only Ukrainian submarine went to sea

The only submarine the Navy of Ukraine “Kiev” on Wednesday, April 25, the first time after years of repairs out to sea and began the first phase of sea trials.

According to the newspaper, the next two days will test the propulsion of diesel-electric submarines in various modes and other equipment.

“The test events are being held in the regime of strict control over the level of security, deployed all the necessary safety systems and equipment. This suggests a maximum protection of life and health of the crew of the submarine,” - said “” the first deputy chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vice-Admiral Igor Kabanenko.

Defense Minister Dmitri Salamatin, in turn, said that the success of sea trials will demonstrate the revival of Ukrainian submarine forces. “In turn, this allows an efficient and high-level train and train Navy anti-submarine forces of Ukraine”, - said the head of the military.

Diesel-electric submarine “Zaporizhia” (originally designated as B-435) was built in Leningrad in 1970 for the Northern Fleet of the Soviet Union. In 1990, the submarine was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet, and in 1997 passed a state unfit to fight in the Ukraine.

25 April 2012

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• The only Ukrainian submarine after 20 years of renovation will be released into the sea to sea trials »»»
Only in the Ukrainian Navy diesel submarine “Zaporizhia” after 20 years of renovation goes on sea trials.
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Russia’s authorities say that relations between Russia and Ukraine, as well as between the fleets of the two powers are “humane”.
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Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov during a meeting with his