Freelancers are on strike!

Freelancers Exchange telework 14.07.11 entered into their profiles, and were, to put it mildly, shocked. Less than one night the administration has changed not only design but also the whole future of the site. Now, rating this resource can only be bought, but not like before - to make their labor and intellect.
Innovation - is a mandatory part of the RRF to raise the rating, or purchase foreign currency rating by FM. Previously, the SLR (the deal without the risk) is used in rare cases, has now become, almost mandatory, as anyone who wants to grow a little bit on the site - will have to apply it.
This RRF is inconvenient for many reasons. Firstly, it has few uses, so as to fill the paper and engage in their shipment, to the detriment of working time. Secondly, to give a percentage of revenue is not clear to whom. Third, it is disadvantageous to employers and freelancers from the CIS, as a third takes the amount of earnings.
But it’s still one problem now “ratings” of freelancers and employers have turned to the “views” and had lost its former power to influence ratings. As a result, we can speak of a collapsing currency FM, an equal dollar collapse, after the restructuring.
All these changes have caused an uproar in the community and blogs, which ran cleaned moderators. Messages and blog posts disappeared before he could appear. Particularly unhappy people just flew in the ban. Attempts to get people out of communities ban also suppressed immediately.
Now everyone is waiting for “Black Tuesday” - 7/19/11, when Vasily Nikolaev webinar will answer for all the changes!
Most are inclined to think that we can hear the pathos of a bright future uhoprisedanie freelancing endeavors and administration for the benefit of freelancers, freelancers or just roll the dice in terms of minimum setbacks.
More information about all revolutions can be found at the site in blogs and communities, where the rapid progress now extends a wave of discontent.

18 July 2011

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