Media learned about the secret preparations for urgent mobilization in Ukraine

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has sent in the military directives on preparations for immediate mobilization. On Monday, August 29, according to Ukrainian edition of “News”, citing a source close to the Defense Ministry.

“Leaders feared provocation (Kiev constantly accused of provocations as the militia of Donbass and the Russian military in the Crimea - a comment.” “) Where it happens -. In the Crimea region or in Donbass - is not yet clear, but all told to get ready. to the urgent mobilization “, - quotes the edition of his companion.

However, the “West” have not confirmed this information to the military enlistment offices, citing a lack of official guidance from national authorities. “While the president has not officially announced its decision on the mobilization, so what can I say no order -. No action on the contract people go, but there will be enough resources to replace demobilized -. I do not know”, - said the deputy military commissar of the Kyiv City Military Commissariat Igor Slyusarenko.

On August 16, the Ministry of Defence reported that another call to active duty in the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) will be held in October-November.

Earlier in August, Ukrainian General Staff said that the Ukrainian army increased its group on the border with Crimea. Order on bringing on high alert all units on the borders with the peninsula and on the contact line in the Donbass was given by President Petro Poroshenko.

29 August 2016

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