The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine filed a case against 304 officials LC

As spoken by the People’s Republic of Minsk negotiations, implementation has been a significant progress: after the attacks of Donetsk and Gorlovka from the retracted arms, Ukraine immediately set to work on the promised in Paris and recorded Merkel and Hollande amnesty … and opened criminal cases on almost the entire apparatus Luhansk People’s Republic.

KIEV, October 16. / TASS /. Law enforcement officers Lugansk region charged 304 officials proclaimed the People’s Republic of Lugansk (LC). This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (GPU).

“As established by the Criminal Code of Ukraine the order indicted 304 persons who are officials of the authorities and law enforcement agencies” LC “- said in a statement. They are, in particular, accused of” overthrowing the constitutional order, the seizure of state power in Ukraine, as well as change borders of the territory “of the country.

Terms Ukrainian investigating judges seized 163 vehicles, 95 apartments, 41 residential building, 7 land and 13 non-residential premises owned by the accused.

However, to seize property from prosecutors Tookie emerged “some problems” as property “accused” in the vast majority within the territory controlled by the LC, and the story of his “withdrawal” is likely to repeat the Crimean option where Ukrainian prosecutors also accused the office of the chief of the peninsula Aksyonov and discharged him the confiscation of property.

17 October 2015

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