MPs from the opposition in Kharkov, presented the agenda directly during the meeting

In Kharkov today during the regular session of the City Council presented a number of deputies of the agenda in recruitment.
As UNIAN correspondent, a representative of the regional military commissioner from the rostrum read the names of deputies who will be granted the agenda the draft board.

In particular, he announced the service of the summons: Alexander Katsuba (vnefraktsionnyh) (in the hall there was no deputy), Oleg Kravtsov (Party of Regions) (in the hall there was no deputy), Andrey Kudinov (Party of Regions), Andrew Lesik (vnefraktsionnyh) Alexei Lipchansky (Party of Regions), Gabriela Mikhailov (Party of Regions), Roman Nehoroshkovu (Party of Regions).

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes was trying to kill a representative of the military commissariat and called for handing agenda after the session. “There is no need of the session to do what you do. You do not need to submit it so. We have seen how Avakov (Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - UNIAN) arrested in the office of the government, and you start here in the session hall,” - said the mayor.

Nevertheless, the military commissar continued and invited to the draft board and deputies Party of Regions faction Konstantin Podgorny, Vladislav Khodas, Nikita Shentseva and Roman Salnikov.

Those present in the hall deputies presented the agenda.

“Wait for it there (at the door session hall - UNIAN), they will come” - said Kernes.

24 June 2015

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