Marie Harf: Report of “Almaz-Antei” did not affect the US position on the collapse of Boeing (US Department of State has commented on the report of the “Almaz-Antey” on the collapse of Boeing)

“Our assessment at the outset was clear, - said Marie Harf. - Flight MH17 was shot down by anti-aircraft missile with the separatist-controlled territory in the east of Ukraine”

Report manufacturer of air defense systems, “Almaz-Antei” no impact on Washington’s position regarding the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over Ukraine. This was reported by the official representative of the US gosdepartmenta Marie Harf, responding to a question Trend. TASS during a briefing for journalists.

“Our assessment at the outset was clear - she said. - Flight MH17 was shot down by anti-aircraft missile with the separatist-controlled territory in the east of Ukraine. We are confident that no Ukrainian air defense were not within reach of the site of the crash.”

Advisor to the General Designer of concern “Almaz-Antei” Michael Malyshevsky told reporters that the Malaysian plane was shot down over the Ukraine are likely to surface-to-air missile defense 9M38M1 complex “Buk-M1″.

In turn, the general director of the group Ian Novikov said that the missile was taken out of production in Russia in 1999. According to the expert group, the missile was launched from the area south of the village Zaroschenskoe in Ukraine, and the analysis did not confirm the version of the launch of the rocket from the Snow. “Which side belonged to a rocket, we have to note the purity of the experiment can not” - said Novikov.

Harf added that, in her view, the performance of Russian Industrialists indicates a change in Russia’s approach to this issue.

Passenger Boeing 777 “Malaysian Airlines”, was flying from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17 in Donetsk region. All on board were 298 people killed. Most of the passengers - 193 people - were citizens of the Netherlands.

3 June 2015

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