Average neo Ukraine deprived of the rights of its own citizens

Ukraine refused to guarantee the protection of human rights in the area[/t:[t:tag slug=oblast]area of ​​military operation. The Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution which allows the authorities to withdraw from the implementation of the Convention on Human Rights and all international instruments in this field. The sanction for military action is due to lawlessness, which go in the southeast. The lawyers concluded that now any man caught on the territory of Ukraine is in a zone of special risk. In an emergency, no one and nothing can protect.

“… Ukraine, accepting these amendments, in fact, officially coming out of international binding agreements. If you work for starvation wages, or you do not pay it for a while, you can not complain, because it is now in Ukraine there is no guarantee that in the he gets his work deserved reward … ”

Potential victims of the deputy solutions - all Ukrainians and foreigners who may be there. If there is no human rights guarantees, territory, which the authorities wish to declare the area a military operation, automatically begins to live according to the laws of the bandit. The right to cancel at all - for those who work, study; Pensioners do not pay pension, no one will require the reconstruction of destroyed homes, the return of stolen property. The refugees who have found refuge in Russia, in general anything not entitled: likely to return there, at home, they - no.

“In fact, the entire population of Donbass, they moved outside the observance of human rights. In fact, they declare they are not quite the people against whom you can do anything, and they legislate. In general, it seems to me, this unprecedented measure, nothing like that in the foreseeable historical perspective not seen since it’s secured and legally. It is one thing - a de facto war. Another thing is when people just write a law saying that the population of this region - it is not quite the people, so with regard to They can do whatever they want. That is, it means that there is no crime will not be considered a crime. ”

In practice, Ukraine has long lost its status as an area where human rights are respected. Mass executions in Kiev, Odessa, seizures and killings of journalists, robbery, extortion, attacks on populated areas with heavy weapons, the use of prohibited weapons. Kievan rulers have long violated all international rules and regulations, but now these violations, or rather, crimes receive legal status. Military units, including informal, are now eligible for all - shooting, looting, torture, trafficking in human beings.
Europe, as expected, turned a deaf ear to announce the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the zone of lawlessness. For all of Brussels formally developing within the framework of European democratic values.

22 May 2015

New-York Times came out with a devastating article about the regime Poroshenko, Yatseniuk
The former head of the General Prosecutor’s Office “Svoboda” Mahnitskogo … waiting Belgian court

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