Twitter advertising revenues will increase to $ 540 million by 2014

Revenues microblogging service Twitter on advertising will increase by almost 4-fold by 2014, according to analysts eMarketer. The volume of advertising revenues in two years could reach 540 million dollars. At the same time 83% of revenue Twitter will provide U.S. advertisers.
According to the agency in 2011, Twitter has earned from advertising 139.5 million. Service revenue growth was 233%. In the next two years, growth rates, according to analysts, declined significantly to 83% in 2012 and to 36% by 2014.
The forecast is also referred to eMarketer social network LinkedIn. In 2011, LinkedIn has earned more advertising on Twitter - about 155 million dollars. By 2014, analysts said the agency will change the balance of power: LinkedIn earns about 405.6 million dollars.
The share of U.S. advertisers in advertising revenue LinkedIn will be significantly lower than in Twitter, - about 60%. To date, the U.S. share of advertising revenue structure Twitter - 90%, while the share of U.S. advertising in LinkedIn - 68%.
Today, among the largest Internet companies the advertising model is the most effective use of Facebook, experts say. Total revenue for social networks last year was 6.4% of the total online advertising market, whose volume in 2011 reached $ 32 billion.

1 February 2012

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