A barrel of gasoline (Many do not like NATO. And it is in vain!)

Many do not like NATO. And it is in vain! After all, NATO provides the peace of the world, distributes humanitarian aid and even financed a variety of scientific and educational programs.

In one such program, called “Science for Peace and Security”, NATO established a year ago in the Ukraine and Belarus, three automatic meteorological station. These stations monitor the hydrological situation in the basin of the Pripyat River. To predurezhdat flooding.

Here you may ask: what is to become the Pripyat River spills suddenly so roiled by NATO? But I’ll answer it and called the peacefulness. NATO is helping the Ukrainian and Belorussian peasants time to learn about the coming flood. After all, when you are ready for a flood - the flood itself somehow lighter passes.

On the other hand, on a tributary of the Pripyat stands Rovno nuclear power plant. And the events in Japan have clearly shown us how important it is to have the right amount of coolant! And NATO’s station near the Pripyat watch, that the river was enough to cool the reactor of Rivne NPP.

- Damn it! - You say - What kind of nonsense? Near the power plant Fukushima was an ocean of cold water, but it did not help!

That’s right, my dear. This I retold you the press release issued by the NATO recently. Initially, the project “Science for Peace and Security”, 2012, NATO was going to install all 7 meteorological stations. However, retold me the press release after the story about the need to cool nuclear power plants suddenly says that Europe’s security needs fixing, attention - SEVENTIETH similar devices. That is - ten times more than before.

Do you understand? We, for example, against what NATO wants to deploy missiles near our borders, the missile defense system. NATO in reply, said that these missiles pose no threat to us because they are set not against us. But when our neighbor on the balcony is a barrel of gasoline - we will certainly also against it. Indeed, although the barrel is not directed against us - it is threatening the very fact of his presence on the balcony.

Now NATO is to be mounted directly next to us seventy containers, packed with the most modern automated equipment.
Probably because of the pure love of peace!

But personally I do for some reason do not like right now.

3 December 2011

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