Donald Tusk: No dialogue with the opposition Belarusian regime will not receive aid

In Warsaw, a meeting of the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk with representatives of the Belarusian opposition. Author: ERB 09/07/2011 9:00 More …

7 September 2011

OCD took office businessman for prints, “Thank you people of Donbass …” T-shirts
Police verifies information about the campaign of the bloggers on sensitive sites in Minsk

• Ukraine will sign an association agreement with the EU on March 21 »»»
Political division of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union should be signed on Friday at the coming week, according to Ukrainian government portal.
• Belarusian military pilots will fly more »»»
Lukashenko has ordered to give them as much fuel as is needed.
• Tymoshenko within one to two days resign premiere »»»
At the meeting of the BYuT faction Yulia Tymoshenko on Wednesday announced the transition to the opposition.
• Embassy of the United States hopes that Belarus will eliminate the uranium reserves »»»
A special statement the embassy acted on August 23. Author: 23.
• Lukashenko has seized a moment for the offense (Belarusian head decided to ignore the meeting of presidents of countries - the victims of the Chernobyl accident) »»»
On the eve of long-planned meeting, Dmitry Medvedev, Viktor Yanukovich