“Freedom” is preparing to hold a march in downtown Odessa

May 21 Odessa regional organization in the “Freedom” plans to hold a march through the main streets of Odessa. This is stated in a letter to Liberty Odessa City Mayor Alex Kostusev.
Thus, the nationalists are going to celebrate the Heroes Day, celebrated on 23 May (day of death of the leader of the OUN Eugene Konovalets - Ed).
The procession starts at 16 o’clock from the main building of the University of Mechnikov and the streets of Pasteur, the Transfiguration, Deribasovskaya, Catherine, Alexander’s Avenue, Zhukovsky Marazlievskoy take place before the monument to Taras Shevchenko in the same park. There will be a Chamber and the concert.
The letter also stated that the march will bring together some 200 people.

According to the Odessa City Council member from the party “Rodina” Gregory Kvasnyuk, a number of forces are going to prevent the nationalists hold the march.

“As far as I know, many organizations have expressed desire in this day, at the same time and on the same route to their shares. There are many charities. This is the Rodina party, the Communists, and others. Many want to see how Odessa - is the Lions “- said Kvasnyuk.

12 May 2011

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