Famous football player got killed by three men

In Sevastopol, a famous Ukrainian soccer player Vladislav Piskun knocked on the car the woman and two children. According to “RBK-Ukraine” in reference to regional human rights organizations, all three were killed.

Currently, an athlete who plays for FC Premier League Ukraine Sevastopol, was arrested and placed in temporary detention of Sevastopol police department.

According to the examination, during a crash V. Piskun was sober. Defender of Sevastopol already pleaded guilty and testified. According to a footballer, he decided to arrange a race with a friend, driving Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi to get ahead, and V. Piskun at BMW decided to overtake him in the opposite lane trolleybus, but lost control and ran out onto the sidewalk. Car player first hit the post, then bounced to the wall of the building, after which the body is literally swept a woman with two children two and five years. All three died on the spot.

According to unofficial information, the car also was a footballer’s wife, who died from his injuries in hospital.

22 November 2010

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