Mathematician Perelman made a symbol of poor pensioner

In Nikolayev on promotional booths featuring a picture of the world-famous mathematician Grigori Perelman. The image is intended to show how hard life Ukrainian pensioners under the current government.
Advertising billboard is located on the main street of the city. The poster posted a big picture Perelman, dressed in everyday to his clothes: a dark jacket, blue knit hat and boots with untied laces - in his hand a white math package from the grocery store. The inscription on the banner reads: “And I raised the retirement of seven hryvnia! Oct. 31 vote for the regionals or Tigipko.

15 October 2010

In Kiev, the nationalists burned the T-34 in memory of the liberators of Kiev
Ukrainian language in schools no longer teach as a native

• Ukraine has increased the retirement age for women and civil servants »»»
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the July 7 pension reform, which, inter alia, provides for raising the retirement age for women and civil servants.
• Outdoor advertising in Kiev and Ukraine »»»
Outdoor advertising - this is the first thing that catches your eye on the city streets.
• How much mitinguete? In Ukraine, estimate how much mass demonstration »»»
Trying to make President’s wife a public figure turned out to be a carefully planned provocation of journalism.
• In Ukraine, the retirement age for women will be increased to 5 years. »»»
The Government of Ukraine intends to five years to raise the retirement age for women.
• Lyashko required to disclose "killer" for Ukraine's memorandum with the IMF »»»
KIEV, May 19 - RIA Novosti. Memorandum of cooperation with the IMF provides for raising the retirement age.