“Lost and ours, and the Ukrainian side - the huge” what happens in the DNI

Soldiers fighting for the DNI Avdeevka, some of which are already occupied, and in the country, meanwhile, begin to issue passports that are likely to be recognized in Russia. Head of RPD “Russian Ostrog” Alexander Matyushin (known by the call sign “Varyag”) told EADaily on current military and social events in the life of the DNI.

How things are going on in front of the DNI, in particular in the area of ​​the checkpoint and Yasinovatskiy Avdeevka?

In recent days, the situation has not changed much. Still remains quite busy section of the front in the vicinity of the village and the whole Zaytsevo Gorlovka agglomeration, almost entirely under shelling. The tense situation in the area is preserved and Yasinovatskiy checkpoint, where battles for territory Avdeevka go. We have already entered Avdeevka, took the next three streets, 4th street is 50 to 50 in the hands of the DNI and Ukrainian Army fighters. There is active cannon artillery, mortars, snipers. Pretty strong attacks come near the Donetsk airport, village Sands, “Volvo-center” and DZRHI plant. Where battles are conducted with the use of tanks and heavy machine guns, mortars. At the Maryinsky direction - and constant bombardments and clashes. As a result, suffer from the Kuibyshev, Kirov and Petrovsky areas Donetsk. Pretty hot in the south. Under fire are Sahanka, Kominternovo and others close to the southern section of the front towns.

Hot and loud all across the front line. At night the transfer of armored vehicles could be heard. We are now seeing the escalation of the conflict. And it does not hide almost none of the parties to conflict. However, our policy remains as a holy cow, hold on to the Minsk Agreement, talk about some “commitment” and “provocations”. Although for a long time it should be recognized that this is not a provocation, and the full-scale hostilities. And the army, and civilians are suffering losses. And on both sides. In the residential sector - the destruction. Hospitals surround cities on both sides of the line of contact clogged wounded and morgues - dead. Losses and with our own, and the Ukrainian side - huge.

Should we associate the partial withdrawal of Russian VKS from Syria and the developments in the Donbass, in particular the worsening military situation. Does it make sense to combine the two general conflict?

In Syria and in the Donets Basin, we see two different fronts of the global war one - quarter of the world by Subcomandante Marcos (writer, philosopher, and ideologue of Indian Zapatista movement in Mexico - approx EADaily.). With regard to the deterioration of the situation in the Donbass, then, as we have said before, it may be due to the events in Syria. As in Kiev was visiting Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, our forecast is worsening, and it happened.

Due to the withdrawal of Russia from Syria videoconferencing is not necessary to indulge in defeatist attitude. VKS RF out only partially, retained control over the Russian bases. Our military presence is still there in the region, and we may at any time to re-throw technique. Specific objectives of Russia made there, the war brokenfooted, unlocked and freed many cities. Now the Syrian army, the Syrian militia and the remaining part of the volunteers there may conduct a ground operation. Do not forget that the war - rather expensive hobby, and in conditions of fall of the ruble and oil prices keep costly full-scale war.

The war in the Donbas is clearly not related to the “holidaymakers” of videoconferencing because ground operation carried out in the Donbass. However, it is possible that the liberated finance was transferred to the Donbass area, and we will see a certain number of “holiday-makers”, which will help to create a new “pot”. Now, there are fights, but large forces vacationers is not involved. They were not seen on the territory of the DNI. The Republic is now cope on their own.

Tell us how the issuance of passports to the DNI?

Passports really started to give out. In the first place they will go to those who have lost their documents from the fighting. In 2014, due to the actions of Ukraine we do not have the forms, passport and so we did not have an opportunity to get other than the territory of Ukraine. And that not all had the opportunity.

Now DNR began issuing passports. The first person in the country got their first. Externally, these passports are very similar to Russian, which were taken as a sample. There are, apparently, the tacit understanding between the Russian side and the DNI that these passports will be recognized. As it will be possible to enter the territory of Russia, to pass through the checkpoint. And, although officially yesterday it was announced that Russia does not recognize these passports, my sources in Moscow in a private conversation, confirmed that after all the passports, we can pass, buy tickets - to fully enjoy them.

A Ukrainian passport saved?

Yes retained. Many are forced to leave the territory of Ukraine for whatever their issues and on DNRovskomu passport to not get into. We have introduced some analogue of dual citizenship, as it was at the time in Transnistria, where many were Transnistrian passport and left at that time still a Soviet passport of the Moldavian SSR. It was also in Ossetia with Georgian and Russian passports.

18 March 2016

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