Ministry of Defence Commission: Commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine spread nepotism, navy rear ruined, and the officers spend holiday in the occupied Crimea (Ukrainian navy officers are deserting in the Crimea)

The situation around the Naval Forces of Ukraine is becoming more intense, and this time the neighboring aggressive empire at anything. The infamous case in CAT Western base in Odessa, which occurred on January 24 revealed a rather icky situation in the domestic fleet and forced to bring it to the attention of the general public. And then connected the different stakeholders, launched a specific policy mechanisms, whose action may well lead to serious disruptions in the marine personnel department.

Immediately after the January incident, an open letter of volunteer organizations in the Supreme name, in which they accused the commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Sergei Haiduk Vice Admiral in a variety of sins, of nepotism and “drain” personal affairs Russians sailors (even in the Crimea) to the lack of cooperation with foreign partners and sabotage the creation of the concept of development of the fleet.

The letter is published in all central mass media, it did not go unnoticed at the top. On behalf of the President of the Department of Defense and the General Staff formed a joint working group to study the situation.

March 1 it sent its findings to management. “Duma” has learned some of the theses of this volume (over 100 pages) and “zagrifovannogo” document.

No, not the commander was accused of treason or something equally criminal, but even that naryla group is enough for retirement, if, of course, the results of its work properly represent the top.

First, the good. The auditors in uniform have not found confirmation of the volunteer stated in the letter of facts. So, there is no evidence that Hajduk and his closest subordinates blocked the development of a pilot project of reforming and development of the Naval Forces of Ukraine; that he refused to Canadian aid for 30 million dollars; that sabotaged sending soldiers to study abroad, which did nothing to restore the art derived from the Crimea (not repaired more than a third, but the rest is scrap, only suitable for disassembly for parts).

However, some of the accusations were well-founded. For example, confirm the information created in the Naval Forces of Ukraine, shall we say, the most favored regime for the admiral’s offspring. For example, the native son komflota Senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Haiduk (serves 801 Detachment PDSS - the same one whose soldiers “stormed” the checkpoint Navy base) at the beginning of this year went with another officer on language courses in Canada. They were selected from more than 9 thousand military fleet as the most worthy. At the same time for a trip to the Western Hemisphere had to speak English at a high level (loosely speaking) - Lieutenant Haiduk as a “read and write with a dictionary.”

Back in the fleet headquarters is the stepdaughter of his first deputy chief - Rear Admiral Dmitry Taran, contrary to the Law of Ukraine “On Combating Corruption”.

The Working Group recommended to transfer the two children in the other departments or even fire.

Also, auditors found inadequate service organization Navy rear. In particular, they noted the failure of highly touted experiment in improving the nutritional status of personnel of Western bases and attached to it ships. On board the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” planned to completely renovate the galley, which bought technology and refrigeration equipment worth 1.5 million USD. However, he was not able to establish - by virtue of unfitness for use on warships.

In addition, the fleet simply breath-taking situation with the supply of: lacking the basic necessities, not created emergency supply and so on.

A separate section is devoted to the individual commands. It is noted that it is too authoritarian, does not listen to the opinions of others, I tend to act rashly. Samodurov, in short.

But most probably the unpleasant parts of the report relating to the Crimea. The Working Group confirmed “unfortunate” the transfer of Hayduk and his subordinate personnel files of all officers of Naval Forces of Ukraine by Russian special services - in March 2014. However, here checking justify command, saying, in effect at the time the instructions did not provide for the need to destroy these papers and take them was not possible due to the blockade of Staff “green men”.

But if in the history of the personal affairs, you can hide behind the rules, how to deal with the fact that for two years military fleet was on vacation in the Crimea all the same? Yes, in 2014, no restrictions, except for the moral, on a trip “on a visit” to the occupiers did not exist, but already in 2015 the SBU clearly warned the warriors, it is fraught. Meanwhile, no action to stop the questionable trips, Navy Command has not taken: during the past years and this 155 Ukrainian officers visited the peninsula. Allegedly due to family circumstances.

Particular attention is paid commission morale personal fleet. An important point - the defection: in 2015 units of the Navy voluntarily left 559 soldiers, of whom only found 122. Since the beginning of this year deserted another 87 sailors - returned only 13. The Act states that the founding fathers of the commanders not only looking for deserters, and hide yourself shoots facts. At 286 soldiers, leaving part, no information in the documents of the fleet is not at all.

In short, everything is very bad. Again, the Commission’s conclusions can be presented so that the resignation of the commander will be inevitable. But to be completely objective, while in other species and genera of the Armed forces of the situation is not better. Do not dismiss all the same?

11 March 2016

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