Obserwator Polityczny: Yatsenyuk efforts of lenders think twice, and whether to give money to Kiev

Even if Yatsenyuk urged Russia to reduce the national debt Ukraine in jest, future lenders and investors think twice before engaging with Ukraine in the debt ratio. After all, neither Yeltsin nor even Lenin did not allow themselves to write off the debts of the previous political system, reminds Obserwator Polityczny.
Ukraine is losing the remnants of trust, writes Obserwator Polityczny about recent statements Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Unfortunately, Ukrainian authorities have simply insisted that harm the Ukraine, Ukrainians and any future of the state and society that they simply destroyed. “One of the last performances of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the Russian Federation - is not just a veiled threat, but above all the proof that the greater the power of the oligarchs, the Ukraine further away from civilization,” - said the Polish edition.
Ukraine has made the reduction of debt owed to foreign creditors - with the exception of the Russian Federation. So it is accepted in the civilized world since the days of Rome, and perhaps even in ancient Israel, the lenders have the right to release of the debtor of the debt, not the debtor - creditor. “We are talking about a certain civilized standards, underlying all legislation western and related civilizations” - emphasizes the publication. Because it will not work in a different way to ensure order in the relationship between the creditor and the debtor, because nobody owes nothing would give a loan if the debtor said he did not calculate or hung would be his duty to a third party.
Unfortunately, these standards have probably not valid in Ukraine, if it comes to the Russian Federation. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk demanded not only reduce the amount of debt Ukrainian, but also said that in case of failure to collect the money to be illegally expelled from the country’s former president, Viktor Yanukovich, during the reign of the debt which has appeared. It is worth recalling that this was done in order to repay a huge debt to the Russian gas companies.
“It does not matter joked whether the prime Yatsenyuk or not. Everyone who once lent Ukraine any money, a new food for thought, and those who potentially would give a loan, already know that it is better to wait and see how things develop. Moreover, since the same applies to investors. How can you be serious about this country, the prime minister which casts doubt on the decision of the legitimate President, because she does not want to pay the debt? ” - Asks Obserwator Polityczny.
In addition, if Mr. Yatsenyuk allows himself publicly today to question the actions of Mr Yanukovich yesterday, tomorrow somebody else may cast doubt on the actions of the Yatsenyuk. “Simply put, this means that the prime minister of Ukraine calls into question the continuity of the Ukrainian state! Even Lenin recognized the duty of the king, and Boris Yeltsin - the debts of the Soviet Union!

1 September 2015

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