September 1 is 25% more expensive light: how to save

From tomorrow Ukrainians expect the second phase of a rise in price of electricity, where the rate for the so-called first block of consumption (100 kWh) will rise by 25% - to 45.6 kopecks / kWh, the same amount for the second unit (up to 600 kW * h) - up to 78.9 kopecks / kWh. Is that those who consumed more (this is a huge house, using electric boilers, water heaters and so on. D.), Escaped with slight shock. They rise in price by only 5% - up to 147,9 kopecks / kWh.

For example, now 200 kW, which consumes an average family per month, will cost 126 USD, from September 1 for the same number of kilowatt will pay about 160 USD.

But this is only the beginning. According to the plan, by 2017 for the same number of kilowatt will pay 327.6 USD. According to the director of the Institute of Energy Research Dmitry Marunich, it’s too fast jump, which would entail the arrears in payment. “From the beginning, the population pays only 91% of the total numbers of payment of electricity. In the past, the level of payments was close to 100%, and sometimes in the summer periods was also overpaid. Then the speaker will only get worse. The government could take into account the social crisis and stretch the rise in price more a couple of years “, - the expert believes.

Lawyers say that without a court order to turn off the light for non-payment are not eligible. “Without a court decision off - this arbitrariness. Even during the trial or appeal to continue to provide services,” - says the lawyer, Ivan Lieberman.

How to Save

However, there is an option to save. The authorities have established a 50% discount on the fare at night (23:00 to 7:00). But for this, though, you need to install the counter bizonal, which cost about 500 USD.

So while discussing Ukrainians generally simpler options. “I, like my parents in the 90’s, I’ll save: less use of hairdryers, irons and off the lights. The only problem is heating the water. We have a small child, the water is heated in a boiler, and he winds 300-400 kW” - he told “Vesti” Catherine resident of Zaporozhye. Kiyani Elena and Alexei think that you can just give up the extra amenities. “It is necessary to use less air conditioning, gadgets, which are charged from the mains. Wash your hands are not forced, but you can do it at night, when electricity is cheaper. Unless, of course, the counter is set,” - said the pair.

But electricians advise even replace conventional incandescent bulbs to energy-saving. “Energy saving light bulb 20 watt creates a luminous flux is the same as that of ordinary incandescent lamps of 100 watts. On average, each bulb is 75-100 USD, once a month should spend six months to save on electricity payments. Pensioners will come in handy,” - he said ” Vesta “electrician Alexander.

31 August 2015

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