Ukrainian media “burned” 140 people in Sheremetyevo

News about Russia some Ukrainian media prefer to invent. Moreover, according to the principle “the worse the better.” For information portal News Daily published a report that in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport struck by lightning and burned to the ground housing 140 passenger Airbus A319, flying from “Astrakhan - Moscow“. As a source of information Ukrainian visionaries indicated LifeNews.

“The plane broke and actually burned in the air. Fragments landed with the remains of charred bodies were collected throughout the airport. At the moment, the witnesses are interviewed about the health of pilots before take-off. It is believed that the pilots were under the influence of drugs and neglected safety” - the News Daily.

In fact, the only incident of lightning occurred in Sheremetyevo 28 July. Just two passenger aircraft were injured after they were hit by lightning during a storm that struck on the eve of Moscow. The first aircraft flew in Novy Urengoi, and the second - was landing from Cyprus when the incidents occurred. None of the passengers and crew members was injured as a result.

17 August 2015

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