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Wishful thinking - a conscious policy of the current Ukrainian government and its predecessors.

They say that is a lie for the benefit when terminally ill can not tell the real diagnosis. Indeed, why tell the truth, if you can not change anything.

It’s hard to remember when the population of Ukraine Maidan organizers told the truth - the European integration of Ukraine to the events in the Donbass, the destination responsible for the killings in the Maidan promises to fill up the Ukrainian agricultural products to Europe - a lie or Jesuitical rigged facts. Is the patient so incurable? In the name of that time and again deceive the Ukrainians?

Until recently, Ukraine was proud. Aviation - the largest aircraft in the world, “Mriya” and “Ruslan” created Kyiv Antonov Design Bureau. Rocket science - the most powerful intercontinental missile “Satan” (SS-18 or RS-20A) designed to Dnepropetrovsk “Southern”. The world’s largest maritime shipping company - the Black Sea, to the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1395 was a part of his cargo, passenger and auxiliary vessels. The deepest subway in the world. And a lot of what else. From all this today is more or less stable functioning subway.

A person must feel a sense of pride. If not for yourself, then at least for the community to which he himself reckons. This helps to better survive periods of “temporary difficulties”. Awareness of its location among the “losers” leads to moral decay, depression, addiction to the manifestation of discontent, participation in the spontaneous mass protests.

If a long time the people of our great country total managed “to make a fairy tale come true”, then the modern Ukraine went in the opposite direction - from the lost tales were created. And traditionally wishful thinking.

Another example - about the prospects for the aviation industry. To be more precise - on the “new” state enterprise “Antonov” - AN-178, and about “Furore” which has made this new product. According to Ukrainian media ( - “The new transport aircraft An-178, which was first presented at the 51st International Air Show” Le Bourget 2015 “, aroused the interest of many countries.” Not deceived. And Chief Designer SE “Antonov” Dmitry Kiva is also telling the truth about the planned participation of “Antonov” in the Air Show “Le Bourget 2015″ shortly before it began: “The interest [in An-178] has scheduled a large number of meetings, negotiations . Frankly speaking, we have never been so intense. Much interest was on the plane and on the other, or on cooperation. ” True, the activities of competitors can not be indifferent, because manifested “great interest” to the Ukrainian exposition. Even the view of the western D. Kiva competitors “ANTONOV”, presented at this air show, largely true: “Those planes that is, they are inferior Ukrainian aircraft to its specifications.”

25 June 2015

MPs from the opposition in Kharkov, presented the agenda directly during the meeting
PACE Vice President called for the overthrow of the government in Azerbaijan

• The Russian-Ukrainian aircraft An-158 received a certificate of IAC »»»
KIEV, February 28 - RIA Novosti. Passenger aircraft An-158 completed the certification, which allows these liners as standard.
• Ukrainian Air Force aircraft will transfer "Lucky" »»»
The modernized military transport aircraft An-26 "Lucky" will be given on Thursday, March 17, the Ukrainian Air Force.
• Created versatile amphibious aircraft »»»
In the history of aviation has always been prevalent fantastic ideas.
• Defense Ministry has excluded from the state program of armaments AN-70 from Ukraine and will require 2.95 billion rubles loss on the draft military transport aircraft »»»
Russia's Defense Ministry has excluded military transport aircraft of the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 development of the state armaments program.
• Ukraine should be part of air and missile defense system in Europe - Turchynov »»»
Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov considers that Ukraine should protect yourself and become a part of air and missile defense in Europe.