Prohibit Colorado beetles are calling on Ukraine

In Ukraine propose to ban Colorado beetles because they resemble St. George ribbon. This initiative was made Kyiv journalist Alex Tarsus.

Under the ban, in his opinion, should generally get all the “Soviet”: for example, astrakhan hats, queue for pasta, salad herring under a fur coat.

“Pensioners not to vote - they still do not think. Monuments carry, rename the street. At the legislative level to ban the Akan gekane, minted at Shokan” - the author writes strange initiative. But that’s not all.

Tarasov offers a “send in a separate booking for fans of the band Lube and Natasha Koroleva. Stop include the central train station in Dnepropetrovsk Dneprpetrovsk song - my sweet home (the words of Robert Rozhdestvensky, music George Movsesian, takes Joseph Kobzon). Writing a good Igor Kolomoisky - let the building at the border with the Russian seven-meter wall and twine its barbed wire, fortified ancient Jewish curse “.

The journalist does not specify whether or not to accept his proposal literally or as banter, but adds that “you have to be decisive and to act without delay, to eliminate all mossy and yesterday.”

The most dangerous thing you can do - to underestimate the power of old habits and people’s desire to entertain. Soon May - the most thoughtless and ruthless one and a half weeks of the year. It is too late, let them breathe some new meaning, “- also wrote Tarasov.

23 March 2015

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