Children of Chernobyl, who gathered in the UK, denied a visa

Border Agency Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain has denied visas to children from Belarus and Ukraine, living in regions affected by the Chernobyl accident, wrote a Sunday newspaper Independent.

Children were supposed to hold monthly vacation on the Isle of Wight in the UK in improving program charitable organization “Save the lives of children of Chernobyl” (Chernobyl Children’s Life Line - CCLL).

British officials said their decision to refuse to grant visas to 12 hours before the flight group, the newspaper notes.

Since the Chernobyl accident in 1986, British charities have tens of thousands of children from Belarus and Ukraine, who resided in British families. Currently, according to representatives of charitable organizations, their work is virtually impossible because of the actions of customs officers, who are denied visas literally at the last minute. ”

In particular, last month, only seven of 17 children were able to go on vacation to the UK program CCLL, the rest of the Ten were denied a visa for the night before departure.

According to another British charity, Medicine and Chernobyl “(Medicine and Chernobyl), this year was denied a visa for at least eight children from Chernobyl.

As the Independent, denying visas, the British authorities are guided by considerations of safety of the children themselves, but the Border Agency refused to grant visas also curators and educators of children.

Children living in regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster are at risk for cancer nature. One month spent in the UK, where children can breathe cleaner air, eat organic food can seriously enhance their health and improve well-being, emphasizes the publication.

11 July 2010

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