Parlamentní listy, Czech Republic: “Putin is laughing at us”

Parlamentní listy, Czech Republic


Przident Erdogan will come to Putin in St. Petersburg, and “our” in Brussels, it is already possible to begin to be afraid, “- says editor Literární novinu analyst Teresa Spentserova She also talks about the true scope of movement ousted the Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is backed by the CIA and. strongly hates the Turkish government. in its regular review of the events of the week on Parlamentní listy Spentserova also commented on the ongoing fighting near the Syrian Aleppo and “comedy” the electoral campaign in the United States.

Parlamentní listy: Erdogan again we pleased - this time quite a direct threat. Like, if there is a visa-free regime will not be complied with and the agreement on the return of migrants. The Greeks are not happy, and the Germans “of the Turks” even arrange performances in the streets. And plus the story of the Incirlik base with the American hydrogen bomb. On one of the Czech TV show Turkish series “Magnificent Century”, so … What we have come this week? After all, American and Turkish delegations gather in the road, Turkey and NATO partnership still valid. And what to recommend to our allies, the Greeks, in case Erdogan will open the “floodgates” and the Syrians will rush now? “Stay”?

Teresa Spentserova: A lot of questions, a lot of angles. In my opinion, a good thing that the US is trying to negotiate with Turkey, because - we have many of these words and betray me anathema - any talks much better than war. Another thing is that although the American side presents the results in a conciliatory and non-confrontational, after the visit of US General Staff head General Dunford Erdogan again accused the West and especially the United States in support of the coup, which, according to the president, was preparing to “abroad”. And here we come to the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, “archenemy” Erdogan, which protect many US persons and organizations, including, most likely, the CIA and the FBI. The problem is that, according to available data, the majority of Turks, whether they are supporters of Erdogan or coup, wine Gulen has no doubts, though their argument is debatable. However, the motion Gullu “Khizmat” paid holidays in Turkey more than one hundred US congressmen. Hillary Clinton invited Gullu at a gala dinner, and a green card in the United States he provided senior functionaries of the CIA … To complete the picture enough to appeal to the organization’s website Gullu “Mosaic” in the Czech Republic: in the links you will find “Forum 2000″, “People in Need” and Tomasz Galik. It is to understand why the United States will likely never be given Gullu, because his “octopus” too valuable, especially in the case of a color revolution in Central Asia. For example, Azerbaijan has announced an attempt to “gyullenovtsev” make a coup, and we should not shy away from these words, saying that Ankara and Baku close. Organization of Islamic Cooperation bluntly called Gullu organization as a terrorist organization. So any attempt of the West to defend Gullu is now faced with the greater part of the Islamic world, which is to ask questions …

Why do I see this in a broader context? Because the problem is that while the United States will not give Gullu, and the West will be hospitable to the individual “tentacles” of his octopus, relations with Turkey will only worsen. So far, the parties have a desire to “talk”, although one theme - Gullu. And Erdogan’s hands have really convincing argument in the form of three million refugees, of which he is ready to be released in Europe, although it would be better to say “squeeze.” Let’s see how the issue will concern the United States. I wonder whether they, what will happen to Europe, or they see us only as a market for weapons and items? Like any other servile lackey? We will see.

Turkey - a NATO member, and its leader next week will travel to St. Petersburg to Putin. Greece - a NATO member, and she wants to buy from Russian weapons. Last week, Putin paid an informal visit to the EU Member States and NATO - Slovenia. Trump raised the issue of the advisability of the alliance, and now it begins to resemble a tear-off calendar. As far as our calendar of the postwar period is interrupted, it will become clear after Erdogan’s talks with Putin. I think that tens of thousands of “our” in Brussels, NATO and the EU, not even utter a word.

- Our themes may seem academic to residents of Aleppo, where fierce fighting. We saw headlines such as “Aleppo - Syrian Revolution grave.” It’s just a phrase, or the world really near? And back to the geopolitical forecasts: You recently suggested that in Syria, Erdogan is more inclined to Russia and Assad. Confirm whether this event? And further. This week, we almost did not hear the name of Bashar al-Assad in our media. What is he doing?

- What makes Bashar? Yesterday, according to our mainstream media, along with the Russian, he again used the “chemical bombs” and “killing their own citizens,” or whatever … And what else can he do? The devil is the devil! But seriously, the battle for Aleppo really is critical to the likely outcome of the war. It is the largest Syrian city, and in the areas occupied by jihadists, where battles are still home to about 40 thousand people now go. And once occupying these areas “our moderate” thugs are defeated, the West in Syria will remain only a deal with LIH (banned in Russia terrorist organizatsiey- approx. Ed.) And renamed “Al-Qaeda” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia). That is, the West lost the war, but (I do not know why: whether because of the stupidity of our elected leaders, whether due to their complete blindness), he repeats his demands to leave Russia jihadists in Aleppo alone. I was most amused by the argument that the corridors on which of these areas could get out of Aleppo civilians, because this humanitarian capabilities depopulated, and then the Russians will not be difficult to destroy “our”. That is why we insist that at the civilians have the sacred right to stay at home, while the jihadists - they kill … This is just one of the situations where I really am ashamed of the leaders of our western civilization.

But, on the other hand, we have to admit that the West only expresses loud objections to the protection of jihadists, and media each such nonsense pass on, and it seems so that we in fact there is something we do and stand for (just jihad protected Aleppo) our high democratic values. By the way, the West never cared Syrians who live for years, surrounded by jihadists …

So, in practice the Russian aviation and the Syrian army with Iranian connections produce one jihadist sweep Aleppo district after another, “Al-Qaeda” reflect “decisive” offensive, and “our” just incredibly stupid chatter. Therefore, I have the impression that, most likely, that was the essence of the agreement, which recently agreed to Putin and Kerry in Moscow. Like, pretend that you’re still on the horse, and let us work. At a time when the United States because of the great success again (in the first series) began bombarding Libya, perhaps such a contract worth more than gold. But we’ll see. In Damascus, the Russians, the Iranians and their allies are, in fact, only six months out to bring the war to some irreversible end, because on the variant of the arrival of Hillary. And she was, in general, has promised that the “reset” the war in Syria. Yes, despite the migratory consequences for Europe …

In general, Aleppo play a decisive role. If in the near future they will be defeated last local jihadists, and the rest will be sold on hundreds of amnesty proposed by the government, the entire western part of Syria and viable will be under the control of Damascus. Then enclaves LIH far eastern desert under Raqqa and Deyrizorom can be negotiated. We’ll wait. Personally, I’m guessing that the Russians will act tougher to speed up “the course of history.”

- We are flooding the news about the American election campaign. We know that you rather want to keep the Americans themselves to deal with the selection, however, the following series of events can not be ignored. Firstly, the leaked e-mail Hillary. Someone received a letter, supposedly it was the Russians, and handed them over to Trump. He claims that the Russians did not have anything to do. The media say that Hillary unpleasant person, and she had no chance. At the Congress, Democrats were Muslim parents of a US soldier killed, Trump insulted them immediately, and his ratings have fallen. Obama teased him immediately. And above all this evil continues to soar Putin. So … how do you generally think about these episodes, and what they tell you?

- In my opinion, all the facts you mentioned, are a clear proof that the American elections, which should be a model of democracy, an incredible way transformed into a totally rustic dance, surrounded not Hollywood and Bollywood downright sentimental nonsense. Important topics for Americans discarded and replaced with a distraction nonsense. The main thing that people are entertained and angered. Now the question remains as to who will offer people besides circuses and bread. I really would be amused, if in the end the US presidential election won “zatrolleny” Putin, because it is so dragged into all of this, it would be unfair not to give him such an opportunity … And Obama is now poddevat Trump, because he owed by party affiliation, although still in the primaries of 2008, he called Hillary a liar … But I’m afraid that in this case simply had to win the black, but must now win a woman. Trump could even wriggle inside, but the machines for the counting of votes, I think, is not it controls.

But if you ask how I appreciate this series’ episodes, “I only repeat: I hate to know that our leaders - in the Czech Republic and the EU - will be happy to serve this Parsley (whoever wins).

- MP Nadia Savchenko again saves on food that is fast, this time seeking an exchange of prisoners between the Donbas and Ukraine. This can be interpreted as pressure on Poroshenko. If we abstract from it, what is the position of Poroshenko today newly appointed Ukrainian government and the establishment as such, especially when Trump made it clear that Russia could keep the Crimea. If you close your eyes and imagine that the head of the White House like this comes from the Ukraine and the world … Would not it be terrible end?

- Nadia - this, of course, the topic. Every morning I walk with the dog on the same street, which still has a sticker on the sign “Freedom Nadia Savchenko.” She only has a little torn, but “alive.” People who stuck this slogan on our sign “Give way”, clearly thought that when it was released, prosperity and happiness will reign in the world. I do not know what they think today, but, apparently, they are depressed and completely disoriented. I confess that when I saw the title of the website on a regular Nadina hunger strike in the head I got plenty of sarcastic and biting remarks. And their number is only increased when I noticed that the Ukrainian Twitter have appeared ridiculous hashtag “HudeySNadey”. Whether it is a sport at the Olympics, the Ukrainians there would be absolute champions. But then I read the comments Ukrainian psychologists who believe it is extremely hard attack on the ruling poroshenkovskuyu “kleptocratic” company, so that at the same time it is a blow to the West. “Nadia” and requires exchange of prisoners with the government blames Poroshenko, require changes in the Constitution, which would defeat all powers Poroshenko demands … In general, it does not matter now. It will be important if Savchenko will bet her “native” party one more skillful “golodalschitsy” Yulia Tymoshenko, and if in the campaign against the oligarchs, it will receive the support of ordinary Ukrainians. We will see. Autumn in Ukraine can become really interesting, and we again under certain circumstances only watch and grind something like that with Syria.

- And now a simple matter to rest a little. Is the Czech president and a Russian agent “Russian cockroach”?

- That’s a sensation. I have yet to totalitarian times it is known that a certain kind of Czech Russian cockroach called, and a cockroach already born KGB agent, and now - the FSB. However, personally, I like things would not have paid attention, because Mr Oettinger, Prague pub and company say all the time the same thing, but no one of them and does not require intelligence, and even more solutions, so that as a result - this hurdy-gurdy . And I say this despite the fact that theses Zeman to leave the immigration crisis terrify me as much as Brussels helplessness.

- There are articles that in Yemen, the Arab situation is critical. We see it in our news, where there is little talk about the role of Saudi Arabia in this issue. Let’s take it as a message of the analytical and the Saudi king, and his foreign policy activities, and foundations and religious organizations … Only the terrorists to transfer hi better will not. Let’s consider this unfortunate and Yemen.

- Saudi aggression against Yemen’s poor start under the slogan “We will destroy all of Iran’s Shiite allies,” and after a year with a small all ends with the Yemeni Huthis seized military bases on Saudi territory. If the United States were countries neighboring states, where attacks are taking, it is likely that they would have suffered the same fate. But for us, this war is interesting that Western arms manufacturers have put the Saudis to wage war on one of the poorest countries in the world arms almost $ 60 billion. We are all perfectly: the “we” commit war crimes, and the opponent is so lih that spits on our billions, and already captures the east of Saudi Arabia. Western politicians are silent because they are bought. The Saudis, who at home have encountered problems with the supply of drinking water for people to want to prove their strength, destroying Yemen … and lose. But as long as we get paid, we did not lose.

- We were surprised about the fact that the representatives of the Afghan “Taliban” (an organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia) were invited to China for the peace talks. Not that they loved it, but China with them at least talking, and they can speak. Can we expect that the Chinese, we do not fear as much as the Russians, in the coming years will be truly fatal rivals West? Stingy plants whether they will open there due to cheap labor and mine will begin production if resources in Africa, the pooled our local enemies and build infrastructure? .. Will it be possible one day to accuse the current “Russian hunters” that they followed false and not the true enemy?

- The recent turbulence surrounding the visit of the Chinese president to Prague made it clear that at least 50-100 people in our country, contacts with China are not satisfied. Personally, I would not attach importance to the statements of 50-100 people, and especially of those who “protested” against China, but at the same time approve of “Iraq” or “Libya”. Yes, China is buying the US and Europe. Recently, a Chinese company bought and the US-led conglomerate microchip manufacturers, thus taking control of the global electronics market. And the fact that China invites to negotiations, “Taliban”, which unsuccessfully conflicts probably already 16 years old, speaks of how we are treated in Beijing and what the Chinese coverage of international issues.

Regarding the insight of the current HR and censors, I do not cherish special hope. Someone here in the Czech Republic, has decided as, for example, Bilak, what to write about the real world - it means to betray. But the fact is that China is buying us, and Putin is laughing at us, because probably we seem he really worthless. A Janda is the list of countries, because someone he pays for it, including, unfortunately, the Czech state. But the very existence of “body” of “European values” - a sign of a sinking ship. They really think they can dictate what the news in a democracy is suitable and what is not? We have a once was. Since we are talking about it, tell you what we have in the butcher shop, I saw the writing on the sausage, “according to the standards in 1977″. So much on! Return to totalitarianism! The quality!

- For more than next week we should follow?

- It is very important to be Erdogan’s visit to St. Petersburg. Let’s see what will follow.

6 August 2016

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